Seascape paintings 30x24"



180109 Scarborough

171223 Filey

171222 Bamburgh Castle  SOLD

171221 The Way from Holy Island  

171216 Scarborough Harbour

171206a Bridlington

171206b  Bridlington

171127 Whitby

171120 Scarborough


160223 The way to Holy Island SOLD

171106b Bridlingto

171106a Bridlington


171009a  Filey Bay

171009b Filey Brigg

171005 Scarborough

170928 Winterton, Norfolk.

170929 Holkham Beach, Norfolk.


170829.jpg Whitby from Sandsend. SOLD

170725b.jpg Sandsend

170725.jpg Sandsend

170731.jpg Bridlington 30x20''


170703.jpg  Scarborough  SOLD

100909a.jpg Scarborough

170629.jpg Bridlington. Available from the Art Cafe in Whitby

101119a.jpg Bridlington SOLD

120714b.jpg Bridlington  SOLD

170619.jpg Robin Hood's Bay

170614a.jpg Runswick Bay

170614b.jpg Runswick Bay

170522b.jpg  Robin Hood's Bay SOLD

170522a  Robin Hood's Bay

170514.jpg Scarborough

170404b.jpg Scarborough SOLD

170404a.jpg  Scarborough SOLD

170329.jpg  Bridlington

170320.jpg Bridlington SOLD

179313  Sandsend SOLD

170313b  Whitby 30x20''  SOLD

170306b.jpg Scarborough 30x20'' SOLD

170306a.jpg Scarborough

170208.jpg Scarborough 30x20'' SOLD

170131a.jpg Scarborough 30x20'' SOLD


170131.jpg Scarborough 30x20'' SOLD


170125a Filey Brigg SOLD

170125b.jpg Filey Bay

170118.jpg Bridlington

170106.jpg Scarborough.  My first painting of 2017.

161219.jpg Scarborough SOLD

161212.jpg Filey SOLD

161209.jpg Scarborough

161128.jpg Filey SOLD

161110.jpg Scarborough  SOLD

161031.  Bridlington SOLD

161021.jpg Scarborough Available from , Whitby

161018.jpg Holy Island SOLD

161006.jpg  Scarborough SOLD


110614b.jpg Filey

140807a.jpg Robin Hood's Bay SOLD

140805a.jpg Bridlington SOLD

130930.jpg View from Ravenscar

160330b.jpg Filey SOLD

160314b.jpg Whitby SOLD

160314a.jpg Sea Fret at Sandsend

View of Holy Island 160221.jpg SOLD

160216.jpg Bridlington

080723b.jpg Dane's Dyke Beach.  SOLD

150910b Scarborough.  Available from the Art Cafe in Whitby

150805.JPG Staithes


150702a.JPG From Holy Island looking north. SOLD

150104.JPG Scarborough. 

141230.JPG Bridlington.  My last painting of 2014. SOLD

141103.JPG Filey SOLD

120119.JPG Bridlington SOLD

140807a.JPG  Robin Hood's Bay

140805b.JPG Filey SOLD

140805a.JPG Filey   SOLD

140707a.JPG Runswick Bay SOLD

140218  Bridlington

131007.JPG North Landing  SOLD

130930.JPG View of Robin Hood's Bay  from Ravenscar.

121211.JPG Bridlington.  Read about it in the Huffington Post

120714b.JPG  Bridlington SOLD

120619b.JPG  Robin Hood's Bay 

120410.JPG Scarborough


110724a.JPG Scarborough.   Available from the Art Cafe in Whitby


100514.JPG Scarborough