Seascape paintings 24x18"


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190917 Near Beziers, France

190906 Scarborough 24x20''

190819 Whitby


190807 the Humber

190806 Filey Brigg

190513a Sandsend

190513b Whitby

190426b Bridlington

190426a Bridlington


180712b Holy Island

190411a Filey


070913 Holy Island SOLD

080926b Bridlington SOLD

190304 Scarborough 60x50cm oil on canvas

190225b Bridlington 60x50cm oil on canvas

190218a Cayton Bay, 60x50cm

190218b Cayton Bay, 60x50cm

190211a Cayton Bay, 60x50cm

190211b Cayton Bay, 60x50cm

091029b Scarborough

090603 Bridlington mist

181108 Bridlington SOLD

110620b Bridlington  SOLD

171120b Scarborough  SOLD

170923 Walcott-Bacton, Norfolk

170924 Walcott-Bacton, Norfolk

170925 Walcott-Bacton, Norfolk

170926 Walcott-Bacton, Norfolk

170829b.jpg Whitby from Sandsend. SOLD

090603.jpg Bridlington sea fret.

170813.jpg  Alnmouth at Low Tide

170810c.jpg  Budle Bay, Northumberland SOLD

170712.jpg From Scalby Ness near Scarborough

170712b.jpg From Scalby Ness near Scarborough

170629b.jpg Bridlington


170619b.jpg Robin Hood's Bay

170113.jpg Bridlington


160707 Alnmouth Beach, Northumberland

160106a.jpg Scarborough

160106b.jpg Scarborough

150805b.JPG Staithes

150420b.JPG Filey


131017b.JPG  From Dane's Dyke

131017a.JPG From Dane's Dyke.

130708b Flamborough.

110730b.JPG Sandsend


101025a.JPG Scarborough

070917b Tilos

070917a Tilos

070916 Tilos

070915 Tilos SOLD