Mostly 30x24'' and 24x18'' oil on canvas

Winter Sale! All 30x24''s 190 and all 24x18'' 140

Torso.jpg 33x24'' SOLD

Donna9.jpg 18x24''

RebeccaLying 30x24''

Sarah3.jpg 24x30''

DonnaX.jpg 24x30''


Rebecca29.JPG 24x30''

Rebecca12.JPG 24x30''

Rebecca11.JPG 24x30''

Rebecca10.JPG 24x30''

Maggie 22. 22x30''

Suzanne 3 24x30''

Maggie20.JPG 24x30''

Maggie21.JPG 24x30''


Maggie16 24x30''

Jean 1 24x30''  

Kat 30x24''


Marissa 18x24''


Donna13 24x30''

Donna25 24x30''

Donna55 24x30''

Maggie 18x24''

Rebecca6 30x24''

Rebecca27 18x24''

Rebecca35 18x24''

WickerCouch 30x24''