Landscapes 24x18"




170414b.jpg  Fornaltutx, Mallorca

170413b.jpg Fornaltutx, Mallorca

170316.jpg York

150410b.jpg Kirby Underdale

161004.jpg From Hanging Grimston.

160722.jpg Acaster Selby Available from


160620.jpg Near York

160614.jpg Walmgate Stray, York

160606.  Near York

160605.jpg Near York SOLD

160522  Near Thixendale

160509b.jpg Available from


120523.jpg Near York

151008b.JPG Hanging Grimston

110304.JPG Garrowby Hill

150816.JPG Agden Reservoir, Sheffield

150817a.JPG Damflask Reservoir, Sheffield SOLD

150817b.JPG Damflask Reservoir, Sheffield SOLD

150807b.jpg The Ouse near York SOLD

110301.JPG Near Beningborough Hall.20x16''

150511b.JPG The Ouse near York

150511a.JPG The Ouse near York

150508b.JPG Kirby Underdale

150504b.JPG Pike Wood, Beningbrough Hall near York

150504a.JPG Pike Wood, Beningbrough Hall near York  SOLD

150421b.JPG Yorkshire From Sutton Bank




111007.JPG  Near York

140401b.JPG Burnsall in the Yorkshire Dales, 

130601a.JPG Near York.  Available from the Petite Gallery in Delaware, USA

130601b.JPG Near York,  Available from the Petite Gallery in Delaware, USA

130522.JPG Bluebells near York. Available from the Petite Gallery in Delaware, USA

130217.JPG  Stanage Edge. 60x50cm

120223.jpg.Stanage Edge. 60x50cm

130220.JPG Stanage Edge. 60x50cm

130124b.JPG Near Bishop Wilton. 

121012b.JPG  Helperthorpe 

111007.JPG  Near York

101126b.JPG Cattle Hill.  SOLD

100905a.jpg  Nunnington

060610.JPG Linton-on-Ouse. 

040516.JPG Clifton Ings. 

070502.jpg From Naburn

110502b.jpg Acaster Malbis

040125.JPG The Ouse