Landscape  16x12" oil on board.

Other oil sketches: 16x12''seascapes, 10x8'' seascapes, 10x8'' landscapes



230727 Coniston Water. 12x10'' SOLD

230818 Wolds 12x10''

200915a           Sold

220506b Howardian Hills 12x10''

220329b 12x10'' Wolds

220123 Wolds 12x10''

cow parsley 1 12x10''

cow parsley 2 12x10''

210805b From Cattle Hill SOLD

100622 Lathkilldale.





210202 Tilmire Common

York Racecourse

210127 Near York


210129 Near York

200724 Near York


 200626 The Ouse near York SOLD



200608a River Derwent

200513 Near York


200507a  Near York

200608b River Derwent

200507b  Near York


200427b Near York SOLD

200427a Near York

200426b Near York  SOLD

200426a Near York

200425  Near York


030426 York

181218a Wolds

181218b Wolds

100509c Wolds


041005 Walmgate Stray SOLD

041006 Walmgate Stray SOLD


170315a Sutton Bank


170315b Sutton Bank


030704.jpg Near York

030705.jpg Near York SOLD


031213.jpg View of York

030801.jpg Near York




140814b.jpg  Vale of York

170701.jpg Near York


120710a.jpg Kate painting poppies

120710b.jpg Kate painting poppies


170621 Lathkill Dale Midsummer's Day



170622a.jpg Lathkill Dale



170418c Fornalutx, Mallorca SOLD

170417c.jpg Fornalutx, Mallorca

170416c.jpg Fornalutx, Mallorca SOLD


160718b.jpg Wolds

160712.jpg Vale of Pickering


160620b.jpg Stockbridge, Midsummer's Eve

160621b.jpg Stockbridge, Midsummer's Day SOLD

160621c.jpg Stockbridge, Midsummer's Day


140728b.JPG Lathkill Dale

140702a Wensleydale  SOLD

140703a.JPG  Wensleydale SOLD

140618b.JPG Near York SOLD

100622 Lathkill Dale


100611b.JPG Beverley  SOLD

Near York SOLD

090714 Bransdale  SOLD


110201 Nunnington

101013b Nunnington

101013a Nunnington SOLD

170214 Wolds

130301 Near Pocklington SOLD

090224 Near York

080404 Mallorca.

090319 Kirkham Bridge.