Bridlington Paintings


Contact me on, or 01904 633829 for the price and availability of any painting.

121211 Sold

210826a 30x24''

210826b 30x24''

210628a 30x24'' SOLD

210628b SOLD


210519 30x24''' SOLD

210330 30x24'' SOLD

201228 30x24'' SOLD

201125 40x30'' SOLD

200617b 24x18'' SOLD

200617  30x24''

200319b 30x24'' SOLD

200319a 30x24''  SOLD

170113 24x18''

160106a 60x50cm

191129 30x24'' SOLD

191129b 16x12'' SOLD

190911a 30x24'' SOLD

190911b 30x24''

190426a 60x50cm



20x16'' Oil on board.


170118 30x24'' SOLD